Boys High School Team Camp

The design of the camp is to provide high school teams with a great training environment over the summer months which are typically low training periods for some soccer players.  Each high school team will be assigned a collegiate coach from around the region who will coach sessions that will seek to improve the team’s ability to accomplish a few specific tactical/technical needs.  The sessions will be based on a pre-camp conversation with Coach Taylor about areas of play that you would like to see improved.
Each high school team will go through 1 individual film sessions with the collegiate coach to visually teach the moments/aspects of the game needing improvement using the previous night’s match play.  The video breakdown is based on the ORU United Way, breaking down the game based on the 5 phases of play.  At the conclusion of camp, all of the game links and United Way video breakdown document will be made available to each high school coach to be used for further educational purposes.  Additionally all the high school teams will be presented with Oration, Creation, Culture, a presentation designed to improve even the best team’s view and execution of team culture.

June 12th - 14th

Grades: 9th - 12th Boys Only

Time: Overnight

Cost: $299 Residential
$269 Commuter


Location: Case Soccer Complex